Its all about the Bees

Bee swarm

Swarm Collection

Spring is bee swarming season and here at The Basin Backyard we can come and safely remove a swarm that is on your property and rehouse them into our host a hive program. Please contact us on 0402871095 to report a swarm

Bee cut out

Bee cutouts

When bees swarm they send out scout bees to find their new home and unfortunately their new home can sometimes be in the walls or chimney of your house. For the same price as a pest exterminator we can come to your property and do a "Cutout" which allows us to save the bees rather than kill then as a exterminator would. Please contact us on 0402871095 if you have bees in your house.

Save the Bees

Without Bees they say we can only live for 3 years so bees a vital to our survival so please do you part in helping save the bees.